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(b. 1997, Austin, TX)

Delanie Molnar’s music explores the kinesthetic energy of sounds and gestures, how that energy shapes a note, phrase, or a moment in time. Her sound is marked by evolutions of timbre across a piece and strategic utilization of space and silence. Her artistic intent is to create musical landscapes that draw in the listener to a personal world of energy, atmosphere, colors, and textures that is singular to that piece; a world in which only that music lives and the listener is invited to come live within it and experience it for a time.

Some recent performances of Ms. Molnar’s music include the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, the UPBEAT International Summer School in Milna, Croatia, and the Spectrum: Works From North Texas concert series.

Delanie feeds her passion for composition through collaboration with fellow artists: musicians, performing ensembles, dancers, visual artists, filmmakers and more. Her goals in these collaborations are to perpetuate the increasing visibility of contemporary music, and to expand the awareness and appreciation of its audience by creating engaging experiences with experimental art and music.

Being an active clarinetist, Ms. Molnar has performed with the UPBEAT International Summer School in Milna, Croatia, University of North Texas Symphonic Band, Blue Lake International Youth Symphony Orchestra, the University of North Texas Symphonic Band, and the Not Past 11 jazz band.

Through her studies with Drew Schnurr, Kirsten Broberg, Sungji Hong, Andrew May, Seth Shafer, and John Scott, Delanie graduated Spring 2019 with a BM in Composition from the University of North Texas, and will be pursuing an MM in Composition at Bowling Green State University this Fall. Her current projects explore inspiration from literature, experimental formal structures, and engagement with approaches to implied narrative.